Insider Secrets of Laser Hair

"Imagine Loving the Sensation of Your New Silky-Smooth Hair-Free Skin"

laser hair removalImagine for a moment that it's a few months from today. You throw on a bikini and spend the day at the beach - without having to shave before you go.

After a fun-packed day you hurry home for a quick shower and change before heading out for a romantic and sensual evening - all without giving a thought to hair removal.

Perhaps as you relax over a candlelit dinner your partner reaches over and touches your face, or caresses your knee under the table … and you lean into him in complete comfort and relaxation.

And as the day ends and the night begins - imagine your partner running his hands over you … and the total relaxation of succumbing to his touch without ever edging away or tensing up as you worry about him feeling unwanted hair or stubble. Instead you relax completely and surrender yourself to the ultimate joy of touching and being touched on your silky, sensitive smooth skin.

Are you struggling with a hair removal regimen that just isn't working for you? Are you spending your hard-earned cash on products and services that just give you a few days or at best a few weeks of hairlessness? Imagine what it would feel like if you could fix those problems for good.

Permanent hair removal is now a reality.

It's no longer something that is available only to celebrities and the very rich. YOU really can solve your body hair problems forever - our ebook gives you all the answers and inside information to make this a reality for you.

Hi - I'm Ingrid Preube and I'm here to help you experience the relief you deserve from your unwanted hair problems. If like me you have no deeper desire than to feel good about yourself and comfortable in your body … you'll know the need to look at your body and touch it and be reassured that it is smooth and stubble-free.

With 27 years of hands-on experience in the field of hair removal, I can tell you that laser hair removal procedures used by celebrities and the very rich for years is now within the reach of ordinary girls and women. After a time as you continue to experience the freedom of smooth skin you will realize that laser hair removal could literally be the best thing that you ever do.

BUT there is a catch.

The hard truth is that unless you are fully informed about laser hair removal and how to get the best treatment there are many unscrupulous clinics or simply poorly trained consultants that will try to either knowingly or ignorantly mislead you and get you to sign up for thousands of dollars worth of treatment that is likely to be WRONG for you.

Many people spend a lot of money on laser hair removal, only to find that they received sub-standard care, which meant that they got poor results. Worse, this could affect the effectiveness of any future laser hair removal treatment. You can avoid this situation by knowing the inside scoop on laser hair removal and the truth about the technology in use today.

If you've ever been frustrated by the feeling of stubble … hated shaving cuts … smelt the unpleasant messiness of depilatory creams … know that as you allow yourself to imagine solving all of these problems for good and enjoying baby-smooth attractive skin permanently, realize now that laser hair removal can do this for you - once you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

There is so much vital knowledge packed into this ebook that I can just give you a taste of what you will learn:
  • The true nature of laser hair removal - and is it really permanent?
  • Beware - what the pros won't tell you about laser hair removal (p. 14)
  • How to identify your skin type and why this information is of critical importance when you choose where to have your treatment
  • Don't let hairiness spoil those spur-of-the-moment intimate opportunities ever again!
  • Why the clinic and physician you choose for your treatment are so critical and how to make sure you get the right one
  • YOU can be as smooth and hair-free as the celebs
  • How some unscrupulous practitioners mislead clients into having less-than-optimal treatment - and the EXACT questions you must ask to ensure this doesn't happen to you (p. 74)
  • Unwanted hair growth can be a thing of the past
  • Protect yourself by fully understanding the true risks involved in laser hair removal - and how to safeguard yourself and your skin
  • Learn the truth about what you are taking on when you commit to a course of laser hair removal treatment - what the pros won't tell you!
  • How some clinics will mislead you regarding the costs involved in laser hair removal treatment, and how to get the real picture and secure significant savings
  • The real impact of tanning and sun exposure on the efficacy of laser hair removal treatment
  • What hair cannot be treated with laser hair removal and how to incorporate other solutions in order to create your personalized "Ultimate Hair-Free Program"
  • What is behind the fancy names and slick marketing of products like "LightSheer", "CoolGlide" and "EpiLight"
  • The full low-down on Home Laser Hair Removal - what works, what doesn't and what you MUST watch out for if you are not to be ripped off by unscrupulous manufacturers of home laser devices
  • Why the prices you may be quoted by a clinic are often unreliable and misleading, and how to get the information you need in order to plan and budget for your treatment
  • The 10 questions you MUST get answered before you commit to a course of laser hair removal treatment
  • What regional variations in laser hair removal costs mean to you, and how to get the best possible price for the best possible treatment and the ultimate smooth skin results
  • The Ultimate Checklist of Pretreatment Care
  • How to successfully deal with the pain or discomfort involved with laser hair removal, even on sensitive body parts such as the bikini area
  • Laser hair removal for men - everything you need to know!
  • The Ultimate Checklist of Post Treatment Care
  • Glossary of laser hair removal - It's really important that you clearly understand what your laser hair removal consultant says in order to make sure you get the best treatment possible
  • As an added benefit you will have access to an invaluable selection of online resources that are continually maintained and updated to provide you with all the latest information you need about laser hair removal including prices, clinics and even access to our laser hair removal specialists who will be available to answer your questions at any time
Now as you continue to read my words allow yourself to imagine scenes of yourself throwing on shorts … a sleeveless top … even a bikini … all without a single worry about the unsightly hair that used to plague you.

Here are just a few success stories from our clients:

"I was getting desperate…"

"Dear Ingrid,
"Last year I was suffering from severe depression because of my life-long battle with my facial and body hair. I had tried everything over the years from bleaching through shaving and waxing - nothing worked! I never had a serious boyfriend (I'm in my twenties) because I was terrified of letting anyone touch me or get close because my hair and stubble were so disgusting. I even had hair on my breasts - the shame and self-disgust I felt were crippling.

"I just want you to know that thanks to your book I have finally been able to get the treatment I needed to solve all my problems for good! I can't tell you how grateful I am every morning when I look in the mirror and see this sleek, smooth girl instead of the hairy monster that used to be there!"

Anne, New England.

"Saved from a disastrous situation…"

"Dear Ingrid,
"As an African American girl, I have coarse dark hair and after waxing for a number of years I had terrible trouble with ingrown hairs and horrible red bumps, almost like boils. It got to the point where I couldn't face any more waxing and my skin was so sore that even shaving was a nightmare.

"I didn't think that laser hair removal would ever be for me as I have dark skin, but thanks to your book I was able to learn everything I needed to know to find the right doctor who could make my dreams of smooth, hair-free skin a reality. I just love running my hands over my smooth smooth legs and at last I feel ready for an intimate relationship, as I have been avoiding men for too long due to my lack of self confidence brought on by all my hair problems. Now they are a thing of the past!"

Justine Brooks, NY City

"I have never felt so sexy!"

"Dear Ingrid,
"Your book gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to finally take the plunge and have laser hair removal treatment and I am so glad that I did! I now have a full, permanent Brazilian and my husband LOVES it. He can't get enough of me and says that this was like a lifetime's birthday and Christmas presents rolled into one! You would not believe what a difference it has made to our sex life!"

Cassandra Williamson, L.A.

And as you continue to read you begin to notice that you can picture yourself feeling sexy and attractive with your new silky smooth skin. Hear the appreciation of your partner as he touches your newly smooth body all over and bask in the heightened awareness and sensitivity to touch that comes with truly smooth skin. What will these feelings mean to you...?

Perhaps you'll love the erotic sensation of being caressed in places that used to be hairy and are now silky smooth…

Or for you maybe the best thing will be the freedom of heading down the beach with friends in complete confidence that there will be no embarrassing hairs showing through your swimwear…

Imagine the envy of your friends as you become the confident person you were always meant to be!

Even simply the complete luxury of never having to shave or use messy, smelly depilatory creams again.
    Never again…
  • Suffer embarrassing unsightly and uncomfortable skin irritations
  • Stress about not having enough time to spend on hair removal before an important date or party
  • Worry about wearing clothes that look great on you - if only they didn't show off your hairy legs or armpits
If you suffer from a hormonal problem that causes excessive hair growth then this information is even more crucially important to you. We understand the anxiety and distress that can be caused by:
  • Male-pattern facial hair growth in females
  • Dark hairs growing on your breast and stomach
  • The panic caused when you feel unable to keep up with the shaving, waxing and bleaching to keep yourself presentable
  • The fear of allowing anyone to get close because you are disgusted with your own body or facial hair
… these problems too can be a thing of the past with laser hair removal.

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Here's to your new hair-free lifestyle of freedom and happiness!

Ingrid Preube

P.S. Okay you're probably wondering, "How much pain will I have to go through … does hair removal really have to be extremely painful - and expensive?" All the answers to these questions and more are revealed in our no-nonsense insider information ebook.

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