Laser Hair Removal Safety

Laser hair removal safety issues are often overlooked. The wide acceptance of use of lasers in laser hair removal has overshadowed the safety issues associated with this procedure. The use of laser energy for laser hair removal can not only cause damage to eye but it can also cause other Laser hair removal safety
hazards. In the hands of an experienced operator and safe working condition the laser hair removal procedure is smooth sailing but in the hands of an inexperienced operator or faulty equipment it can be catastrophic.

Some important issues like laser eye safety and the need of use of laser eyewear are discussed in full detail both for the benefit of consumers and laser operators. In order to avoid the hazards attached with the use of lasers following measures should be taken into considerations;

General safety measures

Laser clinics have an important role to play in this context. They must ensure that they are treating their clients with professional Following general safety measures should be adapted by the laser hair removal clinics in order to minimize the chance of any mishap which can occur during the course of treatment;

Laser safety education

The first and most important step to ensure proper safety of the clients and the persons using lasers is the laser safety education of the people. There should be proper education about the hazards associated with the misuse of lasers in any procedure including laser hair removal. The physician and client should have proper knowledge of the laser hair removal procedure and basic principle of laser hair removal which will ensure their safety during the procedure. The proper education on laser safety should be given to all persons involved. In this context proper warning signs and literature in the form of charts, booklets and hand outs should be made and displayed at the laser clinic for the benefit of prospective clients and other people.

Laser warning signs

There should laser warning signs placed on the rooms where the laser is being used. Safety signs should be placed on the rooms where laser hair removal procedure is performed. Also there should be an indicator on the entrance of the room telling that treatment is in progress. So. that the chances that any person enters the room unprotected by chance and damages himself.

Laser safety officer

A person expert on laser safety should be taken in as a laser safety officer who can properly look after the lasers and can suggest the proper solution to laser safety issues. He should also conduct routine checkups to ensure that the equipment being used is in perfect condition and all the safety rules are being followed.

All these measures can only be effectively followed if there is standardization of laser hair removal. Also there should an agreement on who should perform laser hair removal and who should not. The above mentioned things can help to minimize hazards attached with this evolving technique and make it safe sound and more user friendly process.