Pubic Hair Removal

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Nowadays pubic hair removal is very much on the increase. The benefits of having smooth and hairless genital areas are increasingly recognized and include increased sensitivity and erotic enjoyment, better comfort and better hygiene. Should you think about doing hair pubic removal yet?

Bikini Line Hair Removal

Women have long made use of the practice of ridding themselves of excess hair along the bikini line, mainly in the summer or on holiday when they have a desire to wear skimpy clothes. But these days, in addition to removal of bikini line hair, the removal of all hair growth from the genital region, making use of laser hair removal and other techniques, is becoming very widespread.

Pubic Region Sensitivity

Given the heightened sensitivity of the genital area, it's crucial to approach hair pubic removal carefully. You'll want to do some research about the many techniques that are in common use, and their ease of use, drawbacks and any pain or discomfort involved, prior to choosing which approach will be most appropriate for you.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal treatment is often viewed as the ultimate best route to smooth and hairless genital areas. It has the enormous advantage of permanent results, and the added attraction of preventing , not encouraging ingrown hair, which can be both painful and unsightly. The disadvantages include the cost, and the fact that you'll need to repeat the therapy a number of times if you are to obtain satisfactory permanent results.


Waxing the pubic region can be very painful. The largest benefit is that if performed well the results can last for several weeks. If you select this approach you should select a salon with a good reputation and you should find out what pain relief is offered. If you generally have a high pain threshold then this may be the approach of choice for you.

Shaving for Pubic Hair Removal

Shaving is probably the most common approach. You should be sure to always use an extremely sharp razor and perform the shave cautiously to avoid unduly irritating your skin. The disadvantages of shaving include the need to shave every few days or even every day, the uncomfortable stubble and the increased risk of ingrown hair.


Pubic hair removal is a growing concern but before you decide to join this trend you should consider the sensitivity of your pubic region and what will be the optimal solution for hair pubic removal for you.