Ingrown Hair and Laser Hair Removal

If you have the problem of Ingrown hair, you need to learn about laser hair removal - the new and powerful way of solving the problem of Ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair occurs when hairs attempt to grow but do not break through your exterior of your skin. Instead they grow sideways along or under your skin, or even rotate in reverse and grow into your skin. At times Ingrown hair are accompanied by folliculitis, a condition where the follicle becomes infected.

The Traditional Ways to Tackle Ingrown Hairs

The usual approaches to addressing this upsetting problem are exfoliating the skin and removing the affected hairs one by one with tweezers. Neither of these solutions address the underlying cause of the problem and are at best a short lived solution and at worst can result in horrible scars and scabbing.

Mechanical Epilating Machines

The use of mechanical epilating machines is a particularly bad culprit in terms of Ingrown hair - as the hairs are torn out from their roots at odd angles it is common for your root or follicle to become distorted, and Ingrown hair can then become numerous in a short space of time.

Laser Hair Removal - the Ultimate Solution

Unlike the commonly used solutions, removal of hair by laser goes straight to the root of your problem - literally! In removal of hair by laser, special lasers attack the follicle under your skin and disable it to stop any more regrowth from that follicle. Unlike electrolysis, which used to be considered the only way to permanently stop growth, laser hair removal not only has a permanent impact but also can be employed to speedily treat significant expanses of your body rather than the one shaft at a time that normally characterizes electrolysis treatments.

Ingrown Hair - the Causes

Regardless of whether you use shaving, waxing or another method of getting rid of excess body and facial hair, you would be in a small minority if you did not have the problem of Ingrown hair at one time or another. In reality this unpleasant problem can even occur spontaneously on skin which has not even been tweezed, shaved or waxed at all, although it is more frequently occuring on waxed or shaved skin.

The Future of Your Skin with Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of battling with Ingrown hair, perhaps now is the time to find out more about the advanced technological breakthroughs that have been made in laser hair removal, and discover how you could take advantage of removal of hair by laser to solve your Ingrown hair problems - once and for all!