DIY at Home

The idea of home laser hair removal is creating quite a stir among the people. The problem of unwanted hairs is shared by many of us. As many people are looking for some way to achieve permanent hair removal at their homes and the laser hair removal treatment is a promising option, the choice narrows down to find a home laser hair removal device that really works. The recent popularity of the laser hair removal procedure has also made room for many scams as large number of home laser hair removal devices, systems and kits are available which do not work at all. Home laser hair removal systems and home electrolysis kits are being advertised by many companies on the internet widely. A quick search on a search engine or any online shopping site like eBay will reveal a large number of such products which are on sale without any prior testing and approval.

Permanent hair removal at home

Consider a situation, you are worried about unwanted hairs and want to try some permanent hair removal method at home, then you will probably try your luck by searching for "Permanent hair removal at home" in yahoo and gaze at the results hopelessly. This is where this article will come in handy.

To begin with, there are two permanent methods of hair removal electrolysis and Laser hair removal. Each methods has its own pros and cons but it is highly doubted that both of these methods can be performed effectively at your home, performed none other than by you yourself.

So, the question arises if these products actually do not work at all, why many people waste their money on these products. You can easily imagine how easily people are fooled by the various adds and tempted to believe that this device will work, and once you have invested some of your good money into such a product then for some time you will certainly expect this device to work. Furthermore, the immediate effects seen by some people after using such products can simply be placebo or simply they are too ego manic to admit that they have been tricked.

Home laser removal Systems

They range from sleek and smart portable devices to much bigger or more complex devices being advertised for home laser hair removal. These devices also do not have attached cooling devices which should be present in a modern laser device. Many of the manufacturers which are selling these products have not bothered to get an FDA clearance for their products to be used for achieving permanent results.

Home laser hair removal kits

This category includes the various home electrolysis and laser hair removal kits. Most of these laser devices sold do not emit laser and in fact emit intense pulsed light. The devices which do emit laser fail to transmit the required energy to the skin. A laser device should be able to produce laser with minimum fluence of 20 Joules to be effective.

Advice & conclusion

Don't rush and waste any of your money on these products, do some some research before buy them. Forums can be a good place to start your research about these products. You can visit the forum to find, share and request information about home laser hair removal.