Facial Laser Hair Removal

With today's modern equipment, laser hair removal on the face is a safe, effective procedure that can provide you with unprecedented relief from your unwanted face hair problems. However, please be aware that there are special issues to take into consideration.

When looking at nose / face hair removal, you need to be aware of the following considerations. Note that reputable suppliers of laser treatment will ensure that all of these considerations are addressed before commencing treatment.

Face Laser Considerations

1) Your eyes must not be exposed to laser streams as they can damage the eyesight.
2) The skin on the face is hypersensitive and special care must be taken, such as cooling the skin. You may wish to take a brief amount of time off work as there is likely to be some temporary facial redness after treatment.
3) Hair color - the color of the hair is relevant for all laser regimen. Do be cognizant that lasers can effectively remove the dark face hair. But very pale, fine hair on the nose or face is unlikely to be a good candidate for removal with lasers.
4) Nostril hair removal is possible with lasers but is a specialist procedure and quite a lot of clinics do not offer this; you may need to travel to find a clinic that has the necessary expertise to successfully and safely offer you nostril hair reduction by laser.

Safe Laser Treatment on the Surface of the Nose

Most reputable beauticians and clinics will not perform laser regimen on the area of the face immediately below the eyebrow. However, all other surfaces of the face are eligible for laser treatment, including the chin, above the upper lip, cheeks, surface of the nose, forehead and even the area between the eyebrows.

Safety equipment that shields the eyes from the laser streams is extremely important, and the precise facial areas that a clinic will be able to treat may vary depending on their equipment and the physical structure of their safety goggles.

Laser Treatment on the Surface of the Nose
Women often find that face hair worsens with age. The "vellus" hairs on the face that in young women are nearly invisible may be replaced, as we grow older, with darker and thicker hairs on the nose and on other parts of the face. The good news is that unwanted dark-colored hair on the surface of the nose can be treated successfully with lasers.

Nasal Hair / Nostril Hair Removal
There are many clinics that will turn away potential clients who are searching for a permanent method of reducing their unwanted nasal hair. laser regimen is a valid way of treating unwanted nostril hair, but the procedures, expertise and equipment required are not very widely spread.

While placing a laser gun right inside the nose is not advisable, laser streams can be applied to the surface of the nose, yet penetrate deeply enough to effect very good hair reduction inside the nose!

Choose your Clinic with Care!

Safety must be the top requirement, so you should always ensure that you have found a reputable clinic that has all of the required safety measures in place for performing laser nose hair reduction and other areas of the face.

As we have seen, laser hair removal on the face requires careful, specialist treatment and in some cases very specific[/V]highly specialized equipment. So it is quite likely that you will have to visit several clinics before you discover the one that offers precisely what you want.

If you are prepared to travel, however, and possibly visit a significant number of clinics and interview a lot of consultants, you will eventually locate one that is able to perform almost any specialist laser hair removal on the face treatment you may require.