Which is better, Laser Hair Removal or Waxing?
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Waxing is the most effective hair removal option before the advent of laser hair removal. It is done through applying a hot wax to the surface of the skin, and then ripping it off to remove hair by the root. Of course, the description depicts pain during the process. If it’s done improperly, it can rip the surface of the skin, cause burns, or even cause breakouts. However, even if it’s done properly, it could still cause breakouts, since it is one of the common side-effects of waxing.

Laser Hair Removal

On the other hand, laser hair removal works by applying the heat energy of the lasers to the surface of the skin and kill the hair follicle at the root. This application is not painless, though there are numbing creams that could be applied to lessen the pain. Its normal side-effects are reddening, swelling, blistering or folliculitis.

Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal

Waxing needs to be maintained every 2-4 weeks. While laser hair removal is permanent. Permanent in a sense that the hairs will grow back again for 2-4 years. It is much more convenient and less expensive than doing waxing over and over again. But you have to bear in mind, you can’t see results until you have finished six sessions. Also, laser hair removal cannot be done in blonde, gray and red hairs. This happens since lasers are attracted to dark pigment, thereby attacking hair follicles and kill it with heat energy. If your hair is blonde, red, or grey, it will not be picked up by the laser to be killed. It would be a waste of money, and it also would not give you the results that you are looking for. This is the only instance in which waxing is recommended over laser hair removal. That is, if you cant remove the hair with lasers.

The bottom line is, laser hair removal is the best option in removing your unwanted hairs compared to waxing. It is not only affordable but it also provides long-lasting results.

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